MOTHER’S DAY 2010, May 9 (Sunday)

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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is nearly coming. How you will  prepare and surprise your mother who loves you the most? Not by traditional presents, such as a bunch of flowers or clothes of famous brands, I believe there’re some other choices for your MOTHER.

In a United State Websites (, it provides 10 Extraordinary gifts’ for our beloved Mom on Mother’s Day. I chose the top 5 from the list such as:

Extraordinary Gift Number 1 – Digital camera
Why she’ll love it: Contrary to popular belief, women like gadgets too. Give your mom a use-friendly digital camera and let her record the life of her own or her growing grandchildren. It will make a lot of fun for her daily life.

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Giant Hamburger: For Guinness World Record

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Giant Hamburger

Barbecue chef Ted Reader who completed the giant hamburger in Toronto, May 7, 2010. He is a Barbecue chef and his assistants made a hamburger with a weight of 590 pounds (267.6 kilograms).

That would make mincemeat of the previous Guinness World Record of 84 kilograms.

However, Reader says they still have to wait for Guinness to give them the official nod that they’ve claimed the biggest burger crown.

The award-winning chef used a specially designed grill with a built-in forklift mechanism designed to flip the oversized culinary creation.

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Privacy Concerns: Facebook Bug Exposes Personal Chats

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According to media reports that the Facebook users discovered last Wednesday a glitch that gave them access to view their friends’ chat sessions and pending friends request on the site. This bug prompted the social networking site to briefly take its chat function offline.

Facebook says the company moved to close the security hole quickly the same day and the vulnerability existed “for a limited amount of time.” But the incident still arouses privacy concerns among users who feel hard to trust the service to protect their personal information.

Just recently Facebook introduced changes that essentially forced users to choose between making information about their interests available to anyone or removing it altogether.

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Prediction For Possibility Of Time Travel: Professor Stephen Hawking

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Professor Stephen Hawking

Humans might one day be able to construct spaceships capable of such speeds that time on board would slow down. Such a craft could travel thousands of years into the future, reaching distant star systems within the lifetime of its crew, according to Professor Stephen Hawking. He says that “Time travel was once considered scientific heresy and I used to avoid talking about it for fear of being labelled a crank, but these days I’m not so cautious,” in his ongoing series being broadcast on the Discovery channel.

Stephen Hawking advises humanity could build a giant “relativistic” spaceship, so called because it would exploit the science set out by Albert Einstein in his theories of relativity.

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Nigerian President Yar’ Adua Dies In Abuja

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Nigerian President Yar' Adua

Presidential Spokesman Olusegun Adeniyi announced that the Ailing Nigerian President Umaru Yar’Adua died on Wednesday in Abuja, following a protracted illness.

Adeniyi says that the Ailing Nigerian President was died at about 9 p.m. local time (2000 GMT) in his official residence where he was recuperating from his illness.

Yar’adua’s aides have briefed Acting President” Goodluck Jonathan on the former ruler’s transition.

The President Yar’Adua death is due to a serious kidney complaint in year 2000, and tried to dismiss rumors of continued ill health in 2007 by challenging his critics to a game of squash.

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Goes on Public the Patient Undergone Spanish Face-Transplant

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Doctors and the Patient of Face Transplant

According to the local media in Spain, the second person receive a face transplant left hospital last Tuesday. The patient spent 14 weeks in the Hospital “Universitario Virgin de Rocio” in the Spanish city of Seville. He identified with his first name as Rafael who undergone face transplant on January 26.

Rafael operations took and lasted for 30 hours, was carried out after a year of practice and preparation which involved testing on donated corpses and three-dimensional simulations.

He suffered from benign tumors which had covered up to two thirds of his face, became the second person in Spain to undergo a face transplant. Spain carried out its first surgery of this kind in 2009.

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An Update for Google’s Search Interface

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Google New Search Interface

Google announced last  Wednesday to start to roll out a new interface for its search site globally, which it claimed will make online search easier.

You may notice on the re-designed left window of the panel that has quick access to a number of search options and tools. Users can switch between different categories, such as news, images or books, to get search results more relevant to what they are looking for.

In the new interface on the left-hand window, it is powered by search technologies launched earlier by Google in the past three years, Marissa Mayer, the company’s vice president of search products and user experience, said in a blog post.

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